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Planning to Sell Your Business?
We have the experience and skills to guide you to a successful conclusion..... a Triumph!

Know What Your Business is Worth?
We can analyze your business's value and present you with a clear explanation of how the value is determined.

Triumph Associates Ltd provides a complete range of valuation, coaching and implementation services for people interested in selling their business.....and has been doing so since 1979.

Our first step would be to help you determine a reasonable asking price. We will study your three most recent tax returns, discuss your business's circumstances with you by telephone, and provide you with a report detailing what your business is worth and, perhaps more importantly, why the number is what it is. We will discuss the positive aspects of your business that add to its value as well as the negatives (which may be fixable). We offer this introductory service for a fixed fee.

For more details please go to our Valuation Service.

If you're satisfied with our initial effort and don't yet have a prospective buyer, we can offer you some strategies for successfully marketing your business. And we can provide anonymity by making the initial contacts on our letterhead.

For more details please go to our Marketing Service.

Once prospective buyers are visiting, we can work with you to plan an agenda for each contact as well as debrief you after each meeting with a telephone call. We will help you manage you interactions towards a successful conclusion.

Finally, when you are ready to strike a deal with a prospective buyer, we can help you draft a non-binding letter of intent that covers all aspects of the transaction in layman's language and which can be submitted to your attorney who will draft the actual Agreements.

For more details please go to our Coaching Service.

Sometime you have known the buyer for a long time. The buyer may be a son or daughter, niece or nephew. Sometimes the buyer is a group of your employees. Sometimes the buyer is a co-owner with whom you do not have a Buy/Sell agreement. In these situations you still need to establish a value for the transaction and negotiate terms. Triumph Associates has helped numerous people in these situations.

For more details please go to our Mediation Service.

If you would simply like to learn more about Triumph Associates
remember that all initial consultations are confidential, free
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